Dental implants are dental devices that are usually made of titanium. These devices typically look like screws that are inserted into your gums. These implants serve as anchor or support for the porcelain crowns or full dentures. These devices that act as the tooth's root, are not visible once the crowns or full dentures are in place. When the crown gets chipped or broken, one can always replace it. Nevertheless, the implants remain as anchor unless you want to remove them permanently.

An individual is usually eligible for dental implants if he or she has a missing tooth. A person may opt for implants to avoid sporting a toothless grin for the rest of his life. Displaying a toothless smile can be a source of embarrassment and mortification if you happen to make the most important speech in your life, if you are applying for a dream job or is on a first date with a dream beau. One can always opt for a denture which is the inexpensive and simplest alternative to a missing or broken tooth. However, if you do not want the hassle of a temporary set of teeth (dentures) which can fall off, dental implants are among your best alternatives.

Before you embark on any surgical oral procedure however, you need undertake a complete oral health evaluation by your dentist. At this stage, you will be able to determine whether you are eligible for dental implants. You need to know that not all people who have missing teeth can readily avail of these implants. You need to be pre-screened for eligibility for the surgical procedure before going through with the process. You see, if you are suffering from certain conditions and illnesses, you cannot and should not subject yourself for dental implants.

Considering that these dental implants are inserted into your jawbone, it is therefore exigent that you have strong, healthy bones, gum and jawline. If you have fragile bones in such areas, you better find some other dental options to resolve your problem since dental implants are not for you. Moreover, if you are suffering from uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, serious gum disease or if you are an alcoholic, you should think twice before opting for implants.

If you have a heart ailment or hypertension, you need to check with your physician first if you can safely undergo such procedure. If your physician will give you the go signal but is in doubt as to your ability to deal with the situation, better ask for another expert opinion before finally deciding. It is better to be wary than to be sorry. After all, having these contraptions implanted in your jaw bone is no joke.

It is a highly technical process that only licensed dental implant specialists are authorized to perform; hence, utmost care should be taken before deciding to undergo such a rather risky oral surgery. After all, you cannot sacrifice your health or life for the sake of aesthetic.