Due to poor oral hygiene, insufficient dental health education, and lack of access to quality dentists, more and more people across the globe are suffering from teeth problems. Like many of the health issues affecting children and adults in this day and age, bad teeth has become a bane of society. On the brighter side, persistent oral health problems have set the scene for innovations in the field of dentistry. One such innovation is the use of dental implants. A dental implant specialist is a new breed of dentist who conducts expert dental implant procedures for individuals with missing teeth.

Since teeth replacement is far more complex than the usual dental procedures, a special kind of dentist is required for successful surgery. The number of implant specialists has grown steadily over the years as the demand for tooth implant services continue to surge. Even regular dentists have started to learn more about performing dental implant surgeries so that after sufficient practice, they can add their new skills to their list of services.

Note that each dental implant specialist has a different level of experience and may adopt different restoration methods. Some have more experience or training than the others, while a handful may still be new to the practice. If you want to find the right dental implant specialist for your needs, then take the following factors into consideration:

  • Educational and training background of the dental implant specialist
  • Track record (number of implant procedures performed)
  • Teeth replacement method or approach recommended by prospective specialist (assess whether they match your personal preferences)
  • Risks involved during and after dental replacement surgery
  • Benefits gained from going through a particular teeth replacement procedure
  • Reviews from previous patients (if available)

Patients should weigh the pros and cons of going through a tooth implant surgery before making a final decision. That is why it is highly recommended that they do not settle for just about any dental implant specialist. The nearest dentist may not necessarily be right for your needs. The success of your teeth replacement surgery would ultimately depend on the expertise of your chosen dental implant specialist, so choosing wisely is very important.

If you are not sure where to find the right dental implant specialist, then you can always search online. Most specialists have websites and social profiles that contain information about their professional background, expertise, skills and cases handled, giving you an idea of how competent or experienced they are in implant dentistry.