It is not until we reach adulthood and lose our teeth one by one that we begin to understand the significance of having dental implants.Dental implants Cape Town has an age-old history, as far back as the Mayan civilization. Archeologists were able to dig up skulls whose teeth were implanted with various materials such as jade, seashells, gold, and engraved stones. Though crude, some of those ancient dental implants were attached to the jawbone, indicating a technique no different from the one used in most present-day implants.

Modern-day dental implants Cape Town became possible through sheer chance. Like many scientific discoveries, the orthopedic surgeon who introduced the use of dental implants to modern dentistry was studying a different subject when the discovery happened. While studying bones and their healing dimensions, he placed a titanium cylinder on a bone sample and was surprised to see that titanium has properties that integrate with bones - a process known as osseointegration. An accidental discovery opened several doors for dental implants Cape Town.

Dental implants Cape Town has come a long way indeed. At first, only toothless individuals (mostly old folks) who could not tolerate or get the hang of dentures either because they lack jawbone strength or have no jawbone to support dentures were advised to get implants. This is because osseointegration works best when applied on the front lower jaw of patients. At present, people from any age group prefer dental implants over dentures for the comfort and ease they bring.

Patients can, of course, wear dentures while an implant operation is still being scheduled. If you still have a lot of your teeth left, dentures can offer temporary relief and fill the gaps in between. However, since dentures are only temporary, there will be instances when they cause discomfort and embarrassment. Wearing dentures for too long is not recommended. For a permanent solution to your missing teeth woes, your best recourse is to get tooth implants.

One of the challenges involved in your teeth replacement journey is finding the best dental implant specialist in your area. Not all dentists are skilled in implant surgery. Dental implants Cape Town specialists have a license for performing implant operations. If you are not sure which specialist to consult with, then you have to do your homework by browsing online, calling prospective clinics, comparing prices and services, and scrutinizing the background of resident specialists.

After choosing the specialist who will handle your dental implants, your next step is to schedule a consultation. From there, decide whether or not to proceed with an implant operation.