If you are one of those people who value the power of a beautiful smile, then you know the importance why it is vital to have a set of pearly white teeth. Moreover, tooth decay and cavities can lead to other serious diseases that may affect the esophagus, throat and heart. That is why it is exigent that you take good care of your teeth and gums. However, no matter how much you try to preserve your teeth, there will always be some factors that can cause you to lose your teeth such as accidents or illness. You only have two options when you get to lose a tooth or some teeth. You can either get a denture or opt for dental implants, if you don't want to get caught with a toothless grin.

Dentures are the cheaper and quicker option if you lose some of your teeth. Moreover, they are removable anytime you want and they are also easy to insert into your mouth. However, dentures can be unreliable sometimes. They can fall off at the most inconvenient time, which can be a great source of embarrassment. It can also get stuck to sticky pasta that you happen to munch on. It may also get broken if you try to bite off on a rather hard steak. Moreover, these artificial tooth or set of teeth need special care. You need to clean and remove them daily to allow your gums and mouth to breath. If you do not want all these hassles, then you should opt for dental implants.

Dental implants are dental fixtures that are usually made of titanium, and are directly embedded into your jaw bone to serve as anchor for the dental prostheses. It actually serves as replacement for the root of a genuine tooth. A dental implant specialist will perform the operation of drilling holes in your jaw bone and installing the dental implants. As such, this procedure is highly advised for people who have healthy gums and bones. As time goes by, these implants are expected to fit in with the bones. However since the dental device has no ligaments like a real tooth, it is natural to experience some peculiarities when chewing food during the first few months of wearing such. You will soon get used to it however and may even forget that you are wearing implants instead of real teeth.

Opting for dental implants will boost your confidence since you do not have to worry about your teeth falling out or sticking to the food you eat. Other people would not be able to tell the difference from the genuine set of teeth since they will only see your pearly whites, with no hint of wires or strange devices attached to your gums or teeth.

Only your doctor, aside from you of course, will ever know that you had your teeth replaced; thus, you can smile all you want without a trace of uncertainty and anxiety that dentures may likely bring. Dental implants may be a little dangerous for the faint of heart but the installation will not cause you to sacrifice your other teeth, which usually happens when you opt for dentures.

Dental implants are considered as the best option for tooth replacement nowadays due to their impeccable success rate and little side effects. The only negative aspect to this option is its price. Since the whole process is highly technical, only a certified dental implant dentist is allowed to perform such a complex operation. Moreover, the materials used for the implants are expensive, making the whole process more expensive than dentures. Still, the end result of being able to sport a complete set of perfect white teeth is amazing, making you feel that everything is worth it.