"Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about" is one of the famous quotes Marilyn Monroe is famous for. Our teeth should be taken care of and treated properly. Our teeth are a reflection of our healthy and bountiful light. They also greatly affect our face and smile.

However, there are times when a tooth or two are badly damaged or worse, lost. In this case, if a tooth is lost or needs to be taken out, it is a must to replace it with a denture as soon as possible. Also known as false teeth, it is made to replace any missing teeth.

People who experienced or are still experiencing having a missing tooth often undergo many physical and psychological problems like aesthetics, pronunciation lapses, and even lack of self-confidence. Dentures help patients overcome these problems by providing them a chance to smile again.

There are two types of dentures to choose from: removable partial dentures and complete dentures. The removable partial ones are for replacing any missing teeth on a particular area with a replacement teeth attached to a gum base usually in the color pink. The crown and bridge dents, which are more expensive than removable appliances, are made from crowns, a material used to look like a tooth, and is fitted on the remaining teeth. On the other hand, the complete appliance is specially made for patients who lose all their teeth in a single arch. Like the removable partial attachments, the replacement teeth are attached in a pink, gum base.

Just like the normal teeth, you should also keep both yourdentures and your mouth free from any stains and always in shape.

False teeth should be kept clean and fresh and looking at their best all the time. The following tips should help you do the correct ways on how to clean and store them.

  1. After eating, remove and wash your false teeth. You may run water over it in order to remove all remaining food particles.
  2. After removing your false teeth, clean your mouth including the gums using a soft bristled tooth brush to remove any excess food particles, plaque and stain.
  3. Like our normal teeth, always brush your dentures at least once a day to remove food, stain and plaque. Scrub your false teeth daily using a dental cleaner, dishwashing soap or mild soap with any soft bristled toothbrush. Avoid any hard bristled brush and harsh cleaners since these can damage or wear down your false teeth. Also, be sure not to bend or damage the clasp of your dents while cleaning.
  4. Most false teeth can break easily so when handling them, use a soft tissue to avoid any breakage.
  5. Since most false teeth need to be moist all the time to keep their shape, when not in use, don't forget to place your false teeth in water or a cleansing solution recommended by your dentist. Don't soak them in hot water (it may distort them) not any solutions containing chlorine (it can tarnish the metal parts). Once you are ready to put them back into your mouth, don't forget to rinse them too to avoid any harmful chemicals getting into your mouth which may cause you pain or even vomiting.
  6. Schedule a regular dental check-up or follow-up appointment with your dentist for them to regularly examine and clean your mouth. If you feel any discomfort in your mouth, your dentist can make any prior adjustments to help you lessen the pain and infection. False teeth which don’t fit properly into the user’s mouth may cause mouth sores and irritation not only in the mouth but also in the gum area.