Implant Dentures - Clip On

If your upper teeth are damaged or missing, you might be required to have four or more dental implants to support the upper denture. The implant are placed below the gum tissue and left as such for some time to facilitate their fusion with the bone. Even temporary abutments can be placed to further assist the healing process. The new denture has attachments that are needed to clip it into place. The jaws firmly support your new teeth and halt further bone loss. These implant dentures can be removed easily for cleaning, unlike fixed dentures.


Implant dentures - clip ons are an excellent solution for the problems with the upper jaw. This type of procedure is best suggested where there is not enough bone. Implant dentures give a look similar to your natural teeth. An implant denture - clip on is best suggested for loose or painful dentures.

Though implant dentures - clip on do not offer the stability of fully implanted teeth, they offer great comfort and stability than traditional dentures. These dentures are the best option where there is a lot of gum and bone shrinkage, as the denture material easily replaces the lost gum. Clips are positioned in the fitting surface of the denture to keep the denture clipped in place. This procedure tremendously improves denture retention and offers comfort while raising your self-confidence.

Implant dentures clip-on are the perfect replacement for missing teeth. Cosmetic dentures are simulated teeth fixed with a sustaining structure that can be easily removed when needed. As a result of insufficient amount of bone tissue in the jaws, a fix denture is implanted using prosthesis clips, which firmly support the implant. This makes it easy for you to move your prosthesis in and out for cleaning. Although it can be removed and moved, the completed reconstruction does not interfere with your tongue. This is a recommended approach for upper denture wearers who want to enjoy natural feeling of an open palate to better their quality of life.

The hidden clips firmly attach the new teeth to the bar. As a result, the new teeth, just like real teeth, stay in your mouth tightly. You can remove these dentures at night to floss and clean.

These days, denture wearers have wide choices as far as shape, color, and style of dentures are concerned. A denture professional can guide you better if an upper denture is right for you. Surely, custom-made dentures have brought smiles on many faces.