Dentistry is a big field all on its own. Many people think a dentist's duties only involve repairing cavity-infested teeth through fillings, extracting bad teeth, performing root canals, and cleaning or whitening yellowed teeth. There is, however, a branch of dentistry that covers a wide range of oral health concerns and considerations, from diagnosis to teeth repair, restoration and replacement, to maintenance. This special branch of dentistry is popularly known as Prosthodontics and an individual who completes a Prosthodontics course and earns a license to practice it is called a Prosthodontist. Anyone with a complex tooth problem is advised to visit the nearest Prosthodontist Cape Town clinic.

A typical Prosthodontist Cape Town has basic dental education but prior to becoming a legitimate Prosthodontics practitioner, they must first undergo a series of rigorous trainings and complete an accredited postdoctoral Prosthodontics program. Such strict educational standards ensure that a Prosthodontist is highly knowledgeable and well-versed in his area of expertise, which also minimizes the likelihood of committing errors while conducting dental surgeries. The set standards further guarantee that surgeries conducted by a certified Prosthodontist Cape Town usually have a higher success rate than surgeries performed by a regular dentist without a Prosthodontist license.

Complex dental surgeries (such as teeth implants and substituting mouth, jaw, and facial tissues with artificial materials) can only be performed by a Prosthodontist. Here are some of the dental procedures covered by a Prosthodontist Cape Town:

  • Bridge fabrication is a traditional method for replacing missing teeth; the bridge is built through a crown, which will be placed on the missing tooth area and then attached to a false tooth.
  • Dental implant specialists make use of titanium tooth implants and fuse them with the jawbone until the bone completely heals (there is no limit to the number of teeth you want to replace with implants).
  • Another traditional but temporary teeth restoration method is the use of dentures; adopting the shape, color, and feel of authentic human teeth and gums, it takes time, accurate measurements and a steady hand to successfully mold dentures.
  • Re-shaping and recoloration of teeth through porcelain veneers – thin shells carved and integrated with a tooth's enamel - is also a common restoration technique; a Prosthodontist prepares the tooth to avoid bulking but only a portion of the tooth's surface will go through the procedure.

If you have teeth problems that need to be addressed but you could not seem to find a reliable Prosthodontist Cape Town, your best course of action would be to research online, list down the contact details of Prosthodontists in your area, and touch base with them one by one.